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As the Executive Director of The MINT Foundation, I have the privilege of providing essential resources and services to families in DeSoto and throughout southern Dallas County when they face life’s challenges. While it is a privilege to serve over 3,000 families annually, in times of global crisis and uncertainty comes a huge responsibility for minimizing the burden and challenges that accompany traumatic events like the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship on a global level for several months, The MINT Foundation recently felt its direct impact within the last couple of weeks to our food pantry, congregated senior meal program, senior staffing programs, volunteer program, and program operating expenses.

In an effort to minimize exposure to COVID-19, individuals are reluctant to volunteer or unable to perform voluntary duties due to stay at home orders from the city, state, and federal government officials. Senior centers are closing their doors, and seniors are staying home due to the CDC recommendation. As a result of this recommendation, our Congregated Senior Meal Program that affects senior centers across Southern Dallas County has immediately transitioned to door-to-door home delivery service. In-kind donations from corporate partners like Walmart, Sam’s, Kroger’s, and other grocery stores have reduced by 83%, leaving our food pantry in need of several items to complete our three days a week food distribution to families with food limitations. Also, the Center for Aging and Disability ordered senior work programs like AARP and Senior Source to cancel the seniors’, work assignments reducing our part-time staff by five, which equates to a loss of 90 work hours a week.

At this time, The MINT Foundation faces an urgent need to provide daily food and essential items to our clients. We are unable to wait on state and federal dollars to come down the pipeline. We are now feeding 350 individuals per day and expect that number to increase as needs arise across both Dallas and Ellis counties. Additionally, we are being called upon as a resource to provide Emergency Assistance Dollars to individuals in our community.

Currently, The MINT Foundation is maximizing every dollar on hand to fulfill the needs of our clients, but we can’t do this without you. YOU can help supply an immediate need by DONATING and make a generous gift to help the hungry in our community!

We certainly understand the global financial impact the COVID-19 virus has on all economic fronts; however, we hope that your demonstrated commitment to the welfare of seniors and disadvantaged families will continue to show forth in this effort as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and your valuable contribution.


Felicia Frazier
Felicia Frazier
Founder & Executive Director
THE MINT Foundation

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